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Adjustable Thermal Protection

Exotogg is an inflatable thermal layer powered by your breath. Whether you are exploring the urban jungle or hiking a remote track you have everything you need to keep you warm and safe. Once you’re done, Exotogg packs back down to fit into the smallest gap in your backpack or pannier.

Built For The Adventurous

Inspired by long rides where the only constraints are you, your bike, and the harsh elements, we developed Exotogg with bikers firmly in mind. We wanted to make something that was utterly reliable, breathtakingly simple and could fit into an already tightly packed bag. What we have created has exceeded our expectations; Exotogg has been put to the test by bikers, hikers, skiers, cavers, and seekers of adventure across the globe.

Biker on mountain road

Performance First

Light Weight, Big Impact

Weighing just 9oz (260g) Exotogg packs down to the size of a paperback. It offers 10% better insulation than feather down (in R per gram), but at a fraction of the bulk, and with no animal cruelty.

Adjustable On The Go

One, two, three or four breaths. Exotogg quickly and easily varies the amount of insulation you need.

Insulates With Breath

Batteries not included – or required! Exotogg uses nothing more than your breath, so you’ll never again be caught out in the cold. If used with an electric heated vest, your batteries will last up to 400% longer for the same heating effect!

Stays Warm Even When Wet

Exotogg doesn’t get waterlogged. So you stay warm and Exotogg stays light, even if the rain gets in.

Exotogg loop detail

Engineered For The Long-Haul

Puncture Resistant

Exotogg is made from durable, flexible, and puncture resistant material – tested and selected for even the harshest conditions.

Moisture Out, Heat In

Our custom design lets moisture out without losing heat, so you stay warm and comfortable even when you work hard.

Built to Last

Engineered to be antibacterial and antimicrobial, with a marine-grade valve, Exotogg is designed to keep going, journey after journey, guaranteed.

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