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Beat the Cold!
Exotogg Is The New
Air-Insulated Bodywarmer Made For Adventure Bike Riders.
Pack Light And Be Prepared For ANY Season - For Only £99!

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Protection From The Elements

Mother Nature can be harsh and unpredictable…

Especially during those LONG rides – when she catches you unprepared.

Bundle up in excess and you’re quickly sweating and uncomfortably restricted.

Ride with fewer layers when the sun goes down, and you’ll soon regret not bundling up.

As a rider, you know how important it is to be aware of your surroundings.

The problem is, when you’re too cold, you’re only thinking about heat. You’re inside your head – instead of focusing on the road (which could lead to trouble real FAST).

Not only that, if you’re not layered up, your body instinctively protects your chest (vital organs) by sending more blood – leaving your extremities to fend for themselves.

This leads to shivering, and slower motor function. Which means your reflexes slow down and your coordination takes a nosedive.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Get the Exotogg and protect yourself from harsh conditions!

What is the Exotogg?

The Exotogg is an award-winning inflatable thermal layer powered by your breath. It’s made for the all-season rider who doesn’t want to pack many different layers for unpredictable weather (you know we can only carry so much).

Whether you want to take a long multi-day trip or just a quick 50-mile detour at the end of the day to stay out… just a little longer before the sun goes down.

How Does the Exotogg Work?

It works by using your breath to inflate the vest. Each breath will boost the amount of insulation you get.

So, before you find yourself blindsided by wild weather conditions, take this little gem out, flip it over your head and use the tube to blow a few breaths into the vest – just under your jacket. (No one will even know you’re wearing it).

You’ll feel the instant warmth of insulation. That’s the layer of air separating your body from the cold.

Which means your vital organs stay warm and protected – maintain that core body temperature.

You control the amount of insulation you need depending on the weather and how you feel. It’s your own personal thermostat.

If you get a little too warm, all you have to do is press the valve and squeeze the vest a little to let some air out. Simple as that. 

As you can see, it easily packs down to a small paperback book.

With some more careful folding, it can pack down to the size of a can of beans.

The Exotogg Keeps You Dry During Long Rides

Overheating is a thing of the past with the controllable Exotogg. Once warm enough, simply deflate a little, and the air-insulation immediately reduces, gently cooling you.

Sweat is not a problem – the unique design of the Exotogg allows for a degree of ventilation via the sides, depending on the type of jacket it sits under.

Biker on mountain road

The Exotogg Is Not Just a Bag of Air

This inflatable layer has been battle-tested in some of the harshest weather. Having extended the seasons of many riders who’ve used it…

…this is not some cheap bag made in the Far East. We are proud of the materials used here, and of our talented U.K. craftsmen.

Exotogg rear detailing

Manufactured in VERY limited supply in the U.K. from top-quality materials.

I wanted to make sure every single Exotogg was not going to crumble under pressure.

Meaning, it can withstand punctures from random objects, and the reliable welds won’t fail over time, as cheaper glued items tend to do.

This is not some fly-by-night life jacket, although it can be used for many other outdoor activities. This practical vest is built to last.

And listen, if it so happens I find myself on a backroad adventure with a sketchy crossing over a roaring river…

…you’d better believe, I’d have my Exotogg blown up to its maximum capacity so my body doesn’t get lost in the current if things go wrong!

Moist Breath = Bacteria?

You’d think the moisture from your breath would cause mold and funkiness over time. And normally you’d be right. But we’ve engineered this insulated layer to be antibacterial and antimicrobial, with a marine-grade valve.

So you can take it on as many adventures as you’d like. Use it over and over and it will literally clean itself.

IAM Exotogg
Exotogg in use

Why Only £99?

A good electric-heated layer can cost upwards of £400. If it’s really cold (winter riding) you’ll be warmer with active-heating rather than passive insulation.

But because air-insulation works so well, and packs so small, it’s now affordable and convenient enough to keep an Exotogg in your top-box or pannier for those occasions when you’re just underdressed for the conditions; it got colder than expected, or your electric gear failed, or the bike broke down denying you electricity!

Now, if you already use electric gear, the Exotogg is the perfect partner; it’s slim enough to fit within any layering system, and you won’t need to use as much battery power to maintain the same level of heating, as the generated heat is kept in.

Just get it to your desired warmth level, and the Exotogg will take care of the rest.

Thermal layers will add warmth but usually aren’t enough to withstand the real unpredictable wind chills. And when you stop to pack them back in the top box, you’re taking up more space than necessary.

For these exact reasons, I, Tony Hawkins, developed the Exotogg – a low-tech insulation solution which has saved me on more than one occasion from freezing my bits off on unpredictably cold days of riding.

To keep in my top box at all times, no matter what situation I wanted to put myself into.

And at a price that anyone can afford. This convenient inflatable vest is too useful to leave behind, no matter what journey you’re planning.

Tony wearing an Exotogg
Tony Hawkins, Designer of the Exotogg

The Exotogg packs tight, weighs 9oz and isn’t as bulky as many think. You can fit it under your jacket, nice and snug so the wind doesn’t spoil your chance to enjoy the ride.

The vest cleans itself. Doesn’t puncture easily and can potentially save you if you’re hanging out in a river. It’s breathable, dependable, and you should definitely have one in your arsenal throughout any seasonal ride.

It’s also made with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial material, plus, it’s odourless.

The best part is, you can get it risk-free with my…

60-Day Challenge Guarantee

I want you to try one for 60 days. Get the 10% discount, pick-up your Exotogg and plan a trip with the vest in mind.

Ride for LONG distances and periods of time, and if your buddies aren’t seriously jealous because you’re warm and they’re uncomfortable, let me know and you’ll get your money back.

And if you’re riding alone, just try it out for your next journey and tell me about it. If for any reason you don’t like it, send it back and you’ll get every last dime with a courteous and prompt refund.

Limited Supply

We can only produce 100 Exotoggs per month. Our manufacturing and quality-control processes are of the highest quality, to ensure there are NO mistakes. This takes considerable time, and is not cheap. 

Yet we are very happy with the results, as we’re making a dependable, quality product that we’re happy to stand behind.

So if you try and buy this inflatable bodywarmer and the batch is sold out, don’t worry; you’ll get first access to the next shipment before anyone else.

For a limited time, we are offering an exclusive 10% Discount off the innovative Exotogg Inflatable Bodywarmer (retail price £99), along with Free Postage!

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You’ll then be taken to the checkout page so you can pickup your limited-edition Exotogg.

You've Got Two Choices

You can look from afar, picturing going for longer rides without worry, wondering whether the Exotogg will really work for you…

… Or you can try the Exotogg risk-free and experience what it means to be prepared at all times without packing your luggage full of layers. Peace. Of. Mind.

I love to ride because of what it means for me. 20 years of all-season riding isn’t a chore;


Just me and my bike. No pointless meetings, no time constraints, no distractions.

Why worry about inevitable weather changes ruining your experience?

When you can take charge and never leave yourself vulnerable to those small, but important problems…

There’s no excuse.

Take the leap and join me – I look forward to welcoming you to the Exotogg tribe!

P.S. If it so happens that you didn’t buy in time, you’ll be notified immediately with the next shipment date for exclusive early access before the general public.

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